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The ideal air conditioner for light commercial applications

Daikin’ VRV IV S Series is the ideal solution for the light commercial and medium density apartment markets. With a compact design and small footprint, the VRV IV S is available in 6 models from 9kW to 24kW.

Incorporating the latest technology from our VRV range of commercial air conditioners, the VRV IV-S is both energy efficient and quiet in operations. The long piping runs and the compact nature of the outdoor unit enable flexible positioning of the condenser and ensure the external aesthetics of your commercial or residential projects including retail stores, offices or multi-storey apartment complex are not compromised.

As many as 14 indoor units can be connected to a single VRV IV-S outdoor unit and with a maximum connection ratio of 130%, Daikin’s VRV IV S Series is truly a versatile system.

With the VRV IV S incorporating the latest and most innovative technologies in the design of the compressors, reluctance DC motors, fan blades and discharge air grilles, the VRV IV S offer superior energy efficiency, quiet operations and extended pipe runs to suit most commercial applications.

1. Reluctance Brushless DC Compressor
Significantly increases efficiency over conventional AC inverter motors by using both normal and reluctance torque to produce extra power from small electric currents.

Smooth Sine wave DC inverterDC Sine Wave Inverter technology smooths motor rotation, resulting in both lower operating noise levels and improved energy efficiency.

2. Noise-Reducing Air Inlet Bell Mouth and Aero Spiral Fan Bell mouth guides and bent-edge fan blades also reduce turbulance.
3. DC Fan Motor
Improves efficiency compared to conventional AC motors, especially during low-speed rotation.
Note: Data based on studies conducted under controlled conditions at a Daikin laboratory using Daikin products.

Outdoor Units

Because every shop and office is different, VRV IV S offers a wide range from 9kW to 24kW of outdoor units, so you can tailor your air conditioning system to your exact needs.

Let us help you in your design.  Owned and operated by experienced trades people that understand air conditioning. COLD 1 offer you a comprehensive and free of charge design service. 
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