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Adlingtons design supply and install mechanical and electrical services for the commercial and industrial industry.  

Adlingtons capabilities include:  

Project management

Installation and commissioning and decommissioning of systems including service and maintenance. 


   Adlingtons electrical and mechanical services include:

  • HVAC electrical and mechanical (chilled & heating) installations.

  • Industrial engineering services.

  • Reverse osmosis systems, process water including plant cooling.

  • Chemical scrubber systems.   

  • Potable and non-potable water systems 

  • Process pumps to suit your application. 

  • Mechanical services including chilled and heating water systems.

  • Natural and LP gas including industrial gas supply for plant, boilers and burners.

  • Compressed air and industrial gas systems including dryers, air filters, receiver and compressor tank installations.  

  • Poly Pipe Fabrication – Electro fusion and all terrain butt welding.

  • Commercial Industrial Irrigation

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