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Adlingtons design supply and install process equipment for the food and beverage industry.  

Adlingtons capabilities include:  

Stainless steel tank fabrication, Mixing tanks, Hygienic Transfer, Refrigeration cooling, Steam heating, Electrical control. 

Trusted by industry, from small pilot plants 

to large production facilities, Adlingtons provide complete process solutions.  

Adlingtons manufacture tanks and pressure vessels for all industries.  

We offer tanks and certified pressure vessels in a variety of styles, sizes and options including:

  • 500 litres - 1.2 Million litres 1200 KL. .

  • Mobile and free standing tanks.

  • Cone and slopping bases.

  • Heating and cooling jacketed tanks.

  • Multiple grades of ferrous and non-ferrous materials in a range of thicknesses.

  • Exterior insulation including varying thicknesses and external finishes. 

  • Vertical and horizontal tanks.

  • Mixing / agitation.

  • Heat exchanges.

  • Temperature control.

  • Electrical and pneumatic controls systems. 

  • Valve matrix systems. 

  • Pumps and pump bases to suit all applications. 

  • Product launch and receive systems (Pigging)

  • Chemical resistant internal lining of tanks. 

  • Delivery, installation and commissioning. 

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