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Adlingtons provide complete mechanical and electrical services. 

Adlingtons hold a 100% full on time delivery record.  

Adlingtons advantages:  

  • 21 years of experience in the delivery of maintenance and shut-down works to scheduled time frames.

  • Adlingtons are fully accredited in the latest international ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety.

  • Pre work safe work method statements and permit systems developed with all personnel. 

  • Pre work electrical fault finding, electrical thermal imaging. 

  • Pre works toolbox safety meetings before each shift commences. 

  • Safety walk throughs to identify possibly safety hazards. 

  • Mechanical and electrical certificates of compliance and eCoC report systems. 

  • 100% full- and on-time delivery record.

  • Skilled and accredited work force with experience across a range of industry sectors.

  • Comprehensive understanding of the Australian and International Standards.

  • Project management systems capturing live progress for each step of your maintenance project.

  • Adlingtons work collaboratively with other in trades and services.


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