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Adlingtons design supply and install process equipment for a range of industries. 

Adlingtons capabilities include:  

Electrical installations, Programming, Machining, Hygienic Transfer, Refrigeration Cooling, Steam Heating, Fluid Treatment, Reverse Osmosis, Pressure Vessel Manufacturing and Commercial Air Conditioning systems. 

Trusted by industry, from single parts to large production facilities. Adlingtons provide complete process solutions.  

Adlingtons Largs North work shop capability includes:


B double access, 10 ton over head cranes, 16 metre elevations and 13 metre entry ways. 

  • 3D Concept design printing

  • Electrical component manufacturing

  • Electrical programming 

  • CNC precision machining

  • Pipe skids and module fabrication  

  • Container fit outs

  • Pressure vessel manufacturing

  • Prototype to full production manufacturing

  • Robotic welding 

  • CNC Pipe and tube bending and Tee forming. 

  • Pipe spool fabrication 


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